PharmaFlow offers disruptive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry

Who would argue that we innovation in the pharmaceutical industry? Of course you would! Some are even calling for disruptive innovation, to tackle the thorny issues of affordability, availability, and the more recent COVID-19 enigma. Others are screaming “that’s impossible, never going to happen”.

It may surprise you to know it could be possible, and the work of the late, sadly departed Clayton M. Christenson, provides the clue. Christenson used the work of Henry Ford, at the Ford Motor Company, as an example of what is, and what isn’t, disruptive innovation. He and his team pointed out that initially, the automobile itself was not disruptive; it was an expensive luxury item, not able to challenge the incumbent horse-drawn vehicles used for transportation.

When Ford came along with his mass-produced product, however, it was only then that the seeds of disruption were sown, and the rest is history.

At PharmaFlow, we believe the world of development and supply of medical products is the horse-drawn carriage. We are introducing it to the Model-T Ford.

This example of disruptive innovation above is covered in THE COVID-19 SUPPLY CHAIN: Fact not Fiction, written by managing consultant at PharmaFlow Hedley Rees.  

We hope this has piqued your curiosity and appetite to learn more about disruptive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry – check it out here.


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