From SMEs, through to big private equity firms and beyond, there are no limits to the services we can provide.

Working with us provides organisations with better resource utilisation, better market understanding and better connection to peers tackling similar industry challenges. We educate clients, sharing knowledge of what is needed in a global value-chain and the potential pitfalls to look out for; a key insight for business development. 

Some of our projects have included:


Assessing the value-chains of SMEs who are wishing to develop a drug to the point where they can out-license or sell their compound, or even make a successful exit. We will then make recommendations on what the business can do to raise their chances of passing due diligence of a potential collaborator.


Assisting large private equity firms with technical due diligence programmes on potential investment opportunities in biopharmaceuticals and life sciences.


Applied advanced industrial engineering methods to the design and build of a manufacturing facility to produce a biologic intended for launch in global markets. Through a process of current state mapping and analytical challenge, increased capacity over four-fold, whilst reducing cycle time from 16 days to 45 hours.


Educating service providers in the biopharmaceutical value-chain, such as third-party logistics providers (3PLs), on the key success factors that drive decision making from the marketing authorisation holder (MAH) and the clinical trial sponsor (CTS) perspective. The net result for service providers is alignment of their offering with the needs of their clients, to add ‘order-winning’ value for their business.


By choosing to work with PharmaFlow, clients are able to receive honest and expert advice on their value-chain and business proposition as it stands, before we then further educate them around what measures can be taken in order to significantly improve things.

So, if you are an investor looking to bring innovative new products to market while extending your cash runway, an SME drug developer wishing to pass muster through prospective partner due diligence, or any forward-looking business intent on moving to a higher level, why not get in touch for an exploratory, no strings chat?