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Value Chain

Education programmes are tailored to the specific needs of attendees. They aim to be interactive and include case-study exercise(s) to reinforce learning. Content is selected from a menu of topic areas below:
• Overview of the Regulatory Landscape
• How the different Pharmaceutical business models operate
• Current supply chain Issues and corrective actions
• Achieving visibility in the supply chain
• GMDPs and other regulations in the supply chain
• The regulatory filing and how it impacts the supply chain
• Overview of Supply Chain Management
• Planning production for clinical trials and commercial supply
• Procurement of materials and product in the supply chain
• Inventory management and control
• Storage, transportation and distribution
• Storage and transportation of temperature and humidity sensitive materials
• Regulatory requirements impacting the supply chain
• Information systems in Pharmaceuticals
• Regulatory modernisation programmes
• Modern methods for improving effectiveness and efficiency of operations
• Risk assessing your supply chain
• Key areas at risk of non-compliance
• Industry trends impacting supply chains


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