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Conference May 8th 2019 MEDICINES FOR THE 21st CENTURY: Safe, Better, Cheaper

A Unique event is taking place on May 8th 2019 in Cardiff. MEDICINES FOR THE 21st CENTURY: Safe, Better, Cheaper aims to bring together patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, researchers and Politicians, all who have a passion for out of the box thinking and disruptive innovation, to put “Patients” firmly back into the centre stage, instead of “Patents”.

More about the day

The venue is reserved for May 8th 2019. It will be located in the beautiful Cardiff Bay area, South Wales, and is perfectly suited to our mission of re-educating the world of medicine that there is a better way.

Much of the work at the venue, Techniquest is about educating future generations in how to mix science, engineering and technology together in the right balance to achieve stunning results. This is an important part of the message we want to send out.

The dialogue between various stakeholders will be facilitated by a panel of experts from across Europe and USA who have world-class experience in their respective fields. The attached addendum lists each panel member, along with the key attributes they will bring to the event.

You will note the mix of competencies and insights being brought to an industry still working to 20th century methods and practices. The result has been declining levels of innovation, productivity, and most importantly, focus on delivering value for the end-users of medicines – patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs)

By way of example, a Rolls-Royce expert is included. In aviation, product development is totally different. Early stage prototyping is a key part of development (wind tunnels, flight simulators). End-users, pilots and passenger experience measures, are included from concept stage.

With medicines, HCPs are not involved in the development process, save for a handful of investigators on clinical trials. Very little prototyping work is carried out, even though the technology exists in our universities and SMEs, waiting to be harnessed by the industry.

The Keynote Address will be delivered by Janet Woodcock MD, Director, Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research at FDA, focussing on her 2019 priorities relating to the 21st Century Cure Act, which mandates inclusion of the patient perspective in the drug development process.

The output will be a White Paper to empower patients to ask searching questions of their HCPs, and for HCPs, and professional bodies, to ask challenging questions of the medicines’ industry.

Insight into innovation in the NHS & MEDICINES FOR THE 21stCENTURY Conference

PROFESSOR KESHAV SINGHAL MBE, Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend; Chair BAPIO Wales, UK. shares his deep insights into innovation in the NHS and how, as a panel member of MEDICINES FOR THE 21stCENTURY Conference, he expects to see important benefits delivered to healthcare systems from the Conference White Paper to be published.


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